Jeff Wright – Principal

After 15 years as a math professor at the University of San Diego, Jeff joined his father Jim Wright (1930 – 2015) to manage and grow Bridge Storage, which Jim had built in 1997.  Recognizing potential value for the community beyond simply providing self storage, Jeff and Jim undertook the experiment of transforming a portion of the storage space into creative workspaces, forming Bridge ArtSpace within the walls of Bridge Storage.  The impact of offering affordable workspace to the Richmond community was striking, and motivated the Wrights to develop BridgeSpace as a vehicle for transforming underutilized and challenged properties into vibrant, community-centered rental operations.



Daryl Henline – Director, Operations

Daryl joined BridgeSpace in 2010, bringing his talents for organization and community engagement to the task of transforming properties in Richmond CA.  He has been instrumental in modeling the vision of BridgeSpace and has made great strides in connecting BridgeSpace efforts with local residents and reviving the arts in the neighborhood community.  Daryl and his family live in Richmond where he serves on the board of the Santa Fe Neighborhood Council and as Executive Director of BridgeMakerARTS a contemporary art center 501c3 formed to promote arts and culture in Richmond.